This Thursday ~ Robert Glasper & Terence Martin @ Baldwin-Hills-Crenshaw Mall: An epic 2 for 1 for Free!

Afrispora™ on 05/16/2016 0 Comments


@ the Baldwin Hills- Crenshaw Mall

Walking distance from my home, although not walking super fast these days… reach out my friends to ‘pre-game’, if you feel it.

Actually if a few folks stop through we can carpool or leave early if walking…which would be better yet ‘sweatier” for yours truly. :-/

Either way ENJOY THE EVENT … a lot happening at the BHCM and gentrification-wise in these parts…plus there are subway stops and such coming online in this area as well.

SO YEAH ENJOY THE SOUND ART yet stay forever CRITICAL and such… could say more yet cyber-rants < instead of 'just sticking to the facts'

Down to chat in person typically

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