LIFE ANTHEMS ~ De La Soul- Patti Dooke featuring Guru of Gang Starr

~ I KNEW I WAS THE FRESHEST GUY at the University of Ghana (1993-4) will I got my brother Leon (formerly Brother Dvooa to mail me De La Soul’s Buhloone Mindstate and A Tribe Called Quest’s Beats, Rhymes and Life while I studied abroad for 8 months from August 1993-February 1994.

Hell I was the illest cat in Ghana at that moment in history.

I popped the casette tapes in an listened repeatedly to those and other tapes I bought and bought from Rhino Records like the B-52s and The Specials and such over the months.

Enjoy this Life ALBUM…

I will more of pivotal moments in weeks to come… have a great weekend

Thanks All of The Above (A Radio for the Flashback

Love you guys

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