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SALUTE!~”Earthquake Raps” ~ Oxygen Eternal

Afrispora™ on 06/30/2016 0 Comments • Tags: #aotaradiodjangobenvera #benvera #kpfk

“We kick Earthquake Raps” – Oxygen Eternal (Django Craig), also catch him on AOTA Radio (Early A.M. on 90.7 FM -Los Angeles)

Listen in on the site immediately after listening to a personal favorite greatly my public bus rides to and fro teaching introductory yet UC-transferable
history courses at Los Angeles Southwest College,  Santa Monica College (en route now aa I draft this website post.

More ‘heady’ content being created but the mean time get your head right on this evolving place of cyberspace.

Listen to 2 Reply Back feat. Murdoc & Cron by Django2eternal #np on #OxygenEternal

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