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Was Ever In A Band – INCOGNITO would be it!!! [IF I]

Afrispora™ on 07/22/2016 0 Comments • Tags: #ifi #incognito

How does a native of South-Central Los Angeles become an avid listener of music and knowledge in general from around the globe and locally.

I was born in 1973 to a mother who was an habitual music listener, who herself was descended from a lineage of music connoisseurs.


My family relocated from Houston, TX to 54th Street, between Central Avenue and McKinley in 1943, if I am not mistaken. At the height of Central Avenue, in South-Central Los Angeles, seen by many as a ‘Harlem West’ of sorts I have heard said.

I need to record my elders, very soon I just thought a true ‘Aha moment’…

So how did I become a long-time fan of some of the planets greatest yet lesser known artists by way of the United Kingdom (UK? … a good ear, dope friends and a fate and focus that enriched my cosmic journey…

If it helps some folks. I am endeavoring to share worthwhile things and contribute to self and collective empowerment, both locally and globally, informally and formally…

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