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EPIC lyrics over DJ Khaled’s Production = Dopeness – Dr. Clayborne

Glad I failed to post this in Facebook today. Win for Afrispora, smh oh yeah the site you created of cyber and real life networks, smh again
“Facebook post  Life is a trip, I was just asked if I like Nas by a slightly younger friend….l thought “like yo for real” before an adamant ‘Hell yeah’ with a ‘what’ under my breath.  Maybe my facial expression caused her not to follow-up with whatever she was gonna say?ha  Well today in my effort to be me on and off line – That Is “To Be Inspired & Inspire Others” a conscious life activity if you can not tell.  The idea for a Writing and Publishing Group with surely happen this Fall if only with my co-creator of the concept, Dawn   Life is too short, so I gotta put you out there to ACTUALIZE what we are both struggling to do without an infrastructure of a least a network of ‘like-minded’ as in task-focused folks.  IJS,

I kinda know what I can do alone yet only goes so far.  I WONDER openly what can be done WAY MORE COLLECTIVELY.. do your things yet making sure our formal and informal linkeages existence, put simply   Blow up solo for the sake of self AND the collectives from which mostgrow,  emerge and at times are selected from which is dope, I just say INCUBATE (as Ben Caldwell put it, I believe he was informed by a trip to Cuba)  various groups and scenes independently also .blah, blah, blah

Anyway, sorry for all the tangential commentary but I am ok at it / LOL at myself, have a lovely weekend  Dr. Clayborne instructs you to enjoy this lyricism  Respect to DJ Khaled ”


connected posts forthcoming.  See the tags good people

Some visual art as the ‘cherry on top’!

DJ Khaled Nas-beauties

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