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SALUTE! ~ L’Orange – Entering The Silence (feat. Red Pill)

Afrispora™ on 09/11/2016 0 Comments

Letting my ears and mindsEYE guide me as has been typically the case since my Mama ranged from bumpin’ Blondie in South Central L.A. on vinyl then Spandeau Ballet and Tears for Fears’ music in the  military housing in the Serra Meda neighbor of San Diego.

Musically she and grandma before her were ‘offical’…

Music blasting as my childhood since 1973, as my brother and I layed on the floor watching cartoons on the old school television that was also furniture for plants and such

…from a recent discovery of Red Pill … #ReverseColumbus hehehe

Just joking Dr. Clayborne

Listen to L’Orange – Entering The Silence (feat. Red Pill) by Mello Music Group #np on #SoundCloud

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