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YE TUMI ACADEMY “What We Don’t Know About The Real Marcus Garvey” by Jahi Issa Ph.D

Afrispora™ on 12/29/2016 0 Comments

sound starts at 

A friend during graduate school at Howard University where I learned my Master’s Degree in African history, Dr Issa was a colleague. 

It is so great to see him doing GREAT WORK IN ‘HEIGTHEN MINDS, near and far.

Salute Jahi!

I am well rehabbed and gotta get crackin’

I have PLENTY OF CONTENT but need a TEAM as a friend stated CORRECTLY.

Folks reach out for social shit, but almost never BE on WHAT MATTERS…??? IJS

I say get more COLLECTIVE, locally organized and informally networkers ALONG WITH the $-making activities, never one or the other
That has never been my view or approach to being pro-Black, pan-African, I am pro-Human 

And not anti-nobody!  It is more common then, those as a CLEAR in their perspectives my interpret in whatever and however deep the interaction
Just rumbling on a Sat. and inspired by a Bison of Howard.

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