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Respect to Craig Hodges [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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This interview was taped  25 Years after being banned from the NBA. I have vivid memories of this dishonorable episode of mistreatment by his organization and the NBA. In these times, you see any connections? Give thanks… Dr. Clayborne A quick Google search Keep Marching – SLAM Magazine

Pre-Stroke (before March 18, 2014)

YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Immortal Technique “….tyranny…”

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“Break His Silence To The Point Of No Return”.  He breaks so muc, “soright” – “…Acknowledge our ancestors….”. He really breaks it down…down…priceless footage, Sa Neter TV What you all think folks? Spread empowerment, enlightenment and enjoyment.”The Three Es” – Dr. Clayborne #Afrispora #DrClayborneSayings Straight truthful fire. Dr. Clayborne

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Jeremy Scahill on DN! [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

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“Yeah Bruin!” – The Emergence of Norman Powell [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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I know, I know It’s only pre-season, D and that is real true but I don’t need much of a reason to ‘Talk Bruin’ Way to Hoop, Mr. Powell NoPo in action! on! 2017 2016   Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne, Doctorate in Urban Planning (Class of 2012)   TIME FOR AN UPDATE!!! — THE OTHER … Read More

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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ X-Clan (with omitted video intro)

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Hmmm never saw the beginning of this classic video, clearly it must have been edited out’ and I see why.  I would think based on national history that white supremacist hate to feel powerless in the face of ‘Black’ resistance via art and however else.. It’s deep that WE have watched an edited video and … Read More

Pre-Stroke (before March 18, 2014)


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Exile much props for the EPIC, silly dope as always and on the 2nd or 3rd listen this track and Blu’s lyricism is some of the MOST MEANINGFUL MESSAGES I HAVE EVER HEARD IN MUSIC!!! Glad I ‘Heard’ it upon first listen and compiled it on YouTube . Give thanks to those that came before and pass … Read More

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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Oddisee – Our People Are Trapped In A System That Is Designed To Make Us Fail (247HH)

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A great thinker who happens to be a great musical artist ( lyricist and producer) I knew he has long been my favorite MC for years. Rigtheous thoughts good sir, respect Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Trump’s Muslim registry is “the very tyranny Jefferson abhorred”

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 We are not going back into ‘serfdom’ of any sort. . As in trading in our civil liberties which people fought and died for in the past for various intertwining reasons and if for nothing else their ‘humanity’. – Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

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FWD ~ Nardwuar vs. Chance The Rapper

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If you are not up on Nardwuar,I will tell you laughs are in-store.  I want to know “Who the hell is Nardwuar? lol but yea?  There must be stuff on Youtube?I must lookit up. In the mean time, so ‘insight’ into ‘Chance The Rapper’ Check the catalog folks, I am only 7 or so in, … Read More

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ManWomanBoogie He has literally NEVER failed on the mic. Such USEFUL lyrics… I could go on and most likely will later. Enjoy, Dr. Clayborne – lyricics for days, months #Afrispora #BlackExcellence This song’s are so empowering that I had fine themand add to post. ManWomanBoogie Q-Tip Lyrics Get down, (Make it easy)Good God, make it … Read More

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Happy to say the interest is HIGH amongst my Santa Monica College and L.A. Southwest students in bringing this into FULL existence in 2018… stay connected, enjoy the Beta version and give feedback good folks

Pre-Stroke (before March 18, 2014)

Ye Tumi Academy

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​So who is trying to link with me at a screening or two or three? This has to be a dopest pre-PAFF Film Festival, which is annually in Los Angeles in Febrary. So I am suggesting whoever is interested attends these screenings to get warmed up for Fenruary. If you want to link reach … Read More