Posted in Pre-Stroke (before March 18, 2014)

LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ Q-Tip – Life Is Better ft. Norah Jones

Probably, the best to have done it to me, I would suppose but there is more of a Tie of5 or at minimum of a “Triumvirate of Hip Hop” that none of us could agree upon.

What one’s preferences,Q-Tip has NEVER not delivered because he is making it a point to be himself, it is clear in his art.

The intellect had a HUGE influence on me as a South Central/Watts born youth thaat had just moved to Ontario, after a year in Pomona.

Truly thanks again, big brothers and sisters in the art and business of Hip Hop who primarily let the elders and ancestors ‘guide’ your life and thus artistry.

AUTHENICITY to say a lot in a word.



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