BLChino Hills (LaMelo Ball) vs Wasatch Academy (UT) [CK STAR SPORTS]


As a hoop fan, UCLA alumnus and Baseline League participant in tennis, basketball, and football before there was a Chino Hills High School.


When I went to Ganesha High School (9th grade) and Chaffey High School (10th-12th), there was only Chino High School until a little bit after I graduated in 1991.

At that time Chino HS was not very good in any sport except girls basketball in which they were perennial state champs.

Another set of brothers, interestingly, the Murray brothers,Tracy (UCLA) then Cameron (USC) were torching nets for Glendora High School, our main rivals in all the major sports.

So to see what the Ball’s have done for their boy’s hoops is trippy but great to see.

Much respect, Ball brothers, keep hoopin’ on ’em – Dr. Clayborne

PICTURED (based on jersey #): LiAngelo Ball #3 / LaMelo Ball #1 / Pierce Richards #10 / #3 ?, photo may be from last season


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