BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Federer in 5 sets over Nadal

Even though I got up at 3:30am, I managed to forget that the Australian Men’s Final was a video-game-ish Final with Federer vs. Nadal (I am the dude that owns 3 or 4 tennis video games on PS2 and PS3 proudly. Haha).

Salute, Mr. Federer and thanks to whoever put together the highlights, so I do not feel like I missed it completely.

I am sure one of the Big 3 national channels will be broadcasting this match on delay but I will be back sleep or finishing an  online training for work or watching college hoops or all of the above in the time they will need to air a 5-setter.

The pros yet even they are kinda cons, but hey I could use thos 2-3 hours ha.



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