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BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ World v. Team USA | NBA Basketball

Afrispora™ on 02/18/2017 0 Comments

NBA’s ‘BBVA Compaas Rising Stars Game’ Highlights
Missed the actual live game happily since I was being with my family and forcing feeding them, primarily for my 16 month old daughter to hear and enjoy.

Yes headphones were on her mother womb several times. Heard it was a great thing to do and being one that has benefitted personally from ‘music therapy’ that I finally got around to in 2007 when I was first stricken with Endocarditis (blood stream infection from strep or staff bacteria, that in my casses killed a mitral  valve in my heart).

Anyway enjoy the game highlights, I know I did.

Makes the occasional random NBA 2K17 game online that much more fun to play with cats like Jamal Murray, ‘Porzingod’, Kaminski and use Simmmons to get to the cup, all of whom cats have already used to torch me on more than one occasion.

PS4 handles: Afrispora (can be 2 or 3 different people and HUBison (personal, only will link if we are folks of course.

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