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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Porque? Porquoi? Why?

Afrispora™ on 02/26/2017 0 Comments

​So once you are on the Brilenta regimen you better NEVER forget to take it BECAUSE sudden disuse coul/can led to “…death…and bleeding…that is sometimes fatal!”

So in a commercial as I am watching my usual rotation of Sunday news programs , ‘OUR’ airwaves are letting pharmaceutical (legalized drug dealers) to peddle /slang / sale products in which I am ‘warned’ TWICE kill me oh Imean lead to my death as a consequence of two likelihoods 1) I will likely forget to take a doseor more or run out … I mean damn I barely do anything life EVERYDAY like wake up even….duh da dum goes the drum roll.

Ha, I mean damn IF this blog post SAVES 1 LIFEit is WELL WORTH IT…

I Mean that could have used Brilenta, instead of what was allegedly used on the North Korean guy that was assinated as on the well-circulated video footage. Just kidding to get cyber-chuckles, but I mean, wowzers.

Obviously, never take this stuff and the vast majority of stuff with EXTREME to say the least side effects.
Until later,

Dr. Clayborne

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