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BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Salute, Mr. Ball × 4

​Why all the vitriol?  Kinda reminds me of the treatment/resentment Mr. Williams, father of Venus and SerenSerena dealt with.

Seems to me I might want to ‘take ownership’ as they have done of my daughter’s pursuits as she goes through life as these men (brothas) have done.

SALUTE! Fathers and mothers from  (Mr. and Mrs.) Ball, the Williams,the Murrays, mother of the Holiday brothers, the O’Bannons and others….I know it was moot easy as a parent but you all ‘got it’ done.

Dr. Clayborne

“LaVar Ball wants LaVar Ball wants to package 3 sons for $1 billion shoe deal
via @ESPN App package 3 sons for $1 billion shoe deal

via @ESPN App



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