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Jaylen Hands is UCLA bound! [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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I am very excited that the child of an undergraduate friend in Jaylen Hands, son of Ronnie and Ashanti Hands  IS UCLA BOUND! Ashanti is a fellow UC San Diego Triton ! Well first of all, CONGRATULATIONS and well done. Over the years I vaguely recall his birth from a distance and more recently had … Read More

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Salute to Stephon Marbury who did his Thing for the sport of basketball and beyond in China long ago! [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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You will ALWAYS be great to me for what you DID with the ‘Starbury’ brand. SALUTE and respect! In China, Stephon Marbury Finds His Kingdom Stephon Marbury: Remade in China I plan on supporting Marbury’s brand Starbury full out moving forward. Thanks BBB – Big Baller Brand in inspiring me and surely others in … Read More

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For whatever reason I was recollecting about being a Clippers fan to a limited degree since I lived for a brief period in El Cajon and then in military (Navy) housing in the Serra Mesa neighborhood of San Diego from about 1985-87 right when my favorite baseball player instantly became Tony Gwynn.  So much so that … Read More

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Dapper by Domo Genesis f. Anderson .Paak +++ [LIFE ANTHEMS]

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Righteous fellas, A straight boogie joint, thanks! from Don Dada + UPDATE see Anderson .Paak tag IT LEADS TO EPICNESS trust me on this.  Please give me Jay-Z like credit and backup/support “…I reiterate…way too complacent in My Ways too often…tranquil…” = Unique Dopeness #DrClayborneSayings

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SALUTE! ~ Keith Olbermann

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Thank for saying what needs to be said STRAIGHT OUT! Matters are TOO SERIOUS not to confront reality. SALUTE to you Mr. Olbermann Hawaii judge stops latest Trump Muslim Ban. ICYMI from 2/28: it IS a Muslim Ban, and to say otherwise is bullshit — Keith Olbermann (@KeithOlbermann) March 15, 2017 Stay vigilant!

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BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ Popovich on ‘White Privilege’

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‘White (European/’Western’) Privilege’ is REAL! Take it from the Spurs Head Coach Give a listen…it’s NOT Hogwash! Listen to Gregg Popovich on Black History Month by Spurs Nation Podcast #np on #SoundCloud Read up below: