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Linafornia #2 [SALUTE]

Afrispora™ on 07/18/2017 0 Comments • Tags: #leimertparkartwalk #linafornia #producer #salonculture #throwback

This beat is STUPID DOPE! Great shot, I see the African print and Henna, spiritually stylish my dear. Dope. Long time and the best Like I said Did not even know a website existed since I only searched to have a pic for the blog.   UPDATE 1/16/19 keep rockin’ sis! Much love, Don Dada

Dr. Clayborne Sayings

ASANTE! ~ Takeo: Afrofuturism

Afrispora™ on 07/18/2017 0 Comments

Asante  Oekat, man Takeo you knew I would want to vibe out to and yes even share and add to… Zap Mama certainly contributes to this cultural vibration. I appreciate you old friend! Now let’s read! http://www.okayafrica.com/culture-2/african-future-okayafrica-introduction-afrofuturism/ Never fake online, nor in real life. Takeo, I am giving you co-authorship of this blog by ‘draft’ of … Read More