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My ‘favorite’ but really I love all of the modern-day jester-satirists known in this age as ‘comedians’ yet as the this program shows. Thank you Mr. Noah for being so Spot on! as Anglophile Soccer folks are prone to saying,, ha #Afrispora #GlobalGriots #BrilliantBrothers #YeTumiAcademy Appreciate you!

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LIFE ANTHEMS ~ – “Somebody Else”

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This has been MY CUT….seems to be playing during some pivotal moments over the years…the artistic notations suggest to me that I SHOULD STAY WHO I AM yet evolve. Agreed though it is interesting. #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora A recent PIVOTAL moment was giving a 1 hour “Brief African History Overview” to the production staff at the … Read More

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SALUTE! ~ Talib Kweli

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Paused this post MONTHS AGO…now this banger with my folks Anderson .Paak, cool Well no time like now… Respect, fan since Black Star and it was fresh seeing you deejay an after hours over on Washington in L.A. Great vibes my brother. Salute, Dr. Clayborne Thank you for your service in the all to real … Read More

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Afrorithms = Universe + Black + Golden + Giving x Algorithms + Rhythms [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

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‘Afrorithms’ – Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne just came to kNew ‘thoughts’ listening to yet again, 4hero … IJS —I have their vibrations via music ‘guiding’ me in my travels and grad-schooling until today. #BlackStarSports #Afrispora Music Therapy is real! #Afrispora #YeTumiAcademy  #DrClayborneSayings You know: ‘Afrik/can’ + Algorithms(4hero) + ? = Afrorithms #DrClayborneSayings “Africa Channel” presentation … Read More

Dr. Clayborne Sayings

FWD ~ New Dibia$e

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Yup I gonna say my intuition is good even special sometime! IJS Buy this album, my folks, Dr. Clayborne #Afrispora #BrilliantBrothas #SmartSistas #MrDibiase #DiaboliBeats

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Verbal Anime by Herbaliser f Rakaa Iriscience [FWD]

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Super dopeness! FWD’sFWD’s( Finds While Diggin) tend to be impeccable moments when I stumbled upon epic art because I am flowing with the right vibes of my ‘mindspace’ at that moment of ‘discovery’ and this is surely the case this another installment from the Mar Vista Gardens (projects) z proof that “You are where you … Read More