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STUMBLED UPONS ~ “The Spacebreaks”

Afrispora™ on 12/01/2017 0 Comments

Look at what I “Stumbled Upon” while beng the night owl that I am since Chaffey High to UC San Diego to Howard to UCLA to the Present and Past Presents to Future Pasts…to…nah just messing

I have “Stumbled Upon” some of the freshest music and other arts over the years…now how to best preserve and pass on this knowledge is the next stage of development…

Hopeyou like this also?  My ‘Ear palate” is fairly ‘refined’

University of Ghana 1993
It is officialaroundminute 19:40 they redo ATCQ’s “Jazz” as an instrumental and it is Tight!!!

My ears almost always leads me to precious ‘musical gems

I am thankful, medaase na Asante to those that have come before,

Dr.Dontraneil Clayborne

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