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LIVE INSPIRED! ~ Blu Matic Beats

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IWOW what a find today…the joint “Ocean Breeze” even brought forth tears as I am dealing with some MAJOR life challenges that have me “off my square” as I have heard said but it was therapeutic to be thankful to be reflective and self-care via music as I have subconsciously and consciously been doing ALL … Read More

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YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Newly Discovered 1964 MLK Speech

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Giving due honor and reflectiveness to my life and our lives… …his words TOO OFTEN seems to fit KWAME NKRUMAH & MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. ETERNAL RESPECT!  Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

Dr. Clayborne Sayings

BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ If the Jaquars…

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Even though my $$$ league squad, Afrispora Worldwide: Dojoaed Out Force, finished in 2nd Place at 10-3, yet due to a combination of my GM rror of being spooked and ‘conservative” seeing my large projected points margin of victory, which lead me to sub out the recently benched Tyrod Taylor against Miami tht just the … Read More

AAA - Triple 'A' Approach, African-American, Dr. Clayborne Sayings, Los Angeles, CA, Salon Culture, SALUTE!, Tribute, watts Life!, Ye Tumi Academy


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Finally feeling vibey again after some life changes..why are folks ‘Extra’ when one has ‘life challenges’…Acceptable yet often though not always unwarranted and typically unnecessary… Such is life, give thanks for great like Sa-Ra to ‘revigorate’ my ‘cool’ …”…sticky situations..can I licky…Rosebuds” https://youtu.be/JpBvgK-2NtYYup overdue on the ‘new’ Afrispora.com … gradual getting some ESSENTIAL artistic vibes … Read More