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BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ (CB) M. Lattimore – Historic season

Afrispora™ on 01/04/2018 0 Comments


RE: Why did I sub out Tyrod Taylor vs. Miami, and ‘play it safe’, so I ‘Chumped ou!’ #Chumpism #Afrispora #DrClayborneSayings

Did not know much of this player pu since my recent ‘Fantasy Flame Out’ like no other, Yikes + woh damn + drat :-/.

Hell naw to the naw naw naw
I hustled backwards in ‘Snatching Defeat from the jaws of  Victory’…I do not deserve any loot :-(.  I believe in Facing up to errors to avoid repeats of the same error if possible thus a Dissection such as this as a self-lesson gone public aka ‘concent’ (‘Socio-cultural capital #DrClayborneSayings )
Well I have an earlier offseason to scout for next season…

….since I flamed out of my 2nd place,  10-3 regular season due to a lack of ‘due focus’ that led to me messing around and then to compound the early morning of Fantasy Football Forgetfulness FFF) #DrClayborneSayings…

1st error ~ Got OVERLY CONCERNED with rather or not Tyrod was gonna start at QB versus the Dolphins whose defensive line have Brady in check, Cutler balled against New England, I picked him up an STARTEDCUTLER, NNNOOO!!! was projected to get more points, barring injuries and Agholor being in the lineup not erroneously ON MY PART smh at myself

2nd error ~

I said in my mind, “If I click this, I MUST CHECK MY LINEUP AFTERWARDS AND DID NOT 🙁

I CLICKED THE ‘Optimize Lineup option and Neglectfully forgot to check my lineup headed into a semifinal matchup

that put in Dee Westbrook, who was thought to be be the next up in the depth chart BUT…Mickens? was used That sucked and al…

BUT I was not focused as typical, headed into the playoffs mind you.  WTH extra non-clutchness occuring here, I did not check my lineup after, supposedly likely ‘Omptimizing’ ‘My’ lineup…

WHY THE …. WR Agholor subbed out for WR Westbrook

Aw Hell to the Naw naw naw

A memorable Fantasy gaff, I finished 4th and out the money which I

is Hurns+ 2 injuries (WR Marquis Lee of USC and LB Poslunsky???) SMH

I had a last moment to make a change  after early games started and my squad, Afrispora Worldwide started out witg a sizable lead, which is when I normally check player statuses and adjust my lineups but was with family and sidetraked and those duly focused and probably could have caught the horribly erroneous Westrook for Agholor substitution shaking and  you guessed it I have Alshon Jeffrey already who he would have been coupled with.  Wowzers.

☆originally Dojaed Out Force, next season rolling with AW: Dojaed Out Force, yeah that sounds Hard!)

In the end, I would have finished in 2nd afte losing in the Finals to the 11-2 regular season champs, ‘Can’tTouch This’, yet instead the squard I ot a historic 60+ point day rfrom Gurley to swing from a likely 4th place finish to 1st place and the 1st tie having one championship trophy.

I mean I was not gonna win it but 2nd place would have felt better in various ways than 4t place but I got what I deserved for not have the properamount of ‘Due Focus’!

Lessons learned now onwards to some online winning next season or the following??  Damn yup Daddy and heck the family needs shoes and more.


“Respect Kaep!”

SMH, I just went down in flames not with the dynamic brotha at QB in Tyrod but sucky-ass Jay, the most Trumpish of NFL playees now I see this and think of it.  WOH, I was ‘Buggin’ YIKES…

Win some and lose some is always the case but to not compete from a place of clarity and strength IS an error that I must aim to not repeat.

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