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BLACK STAR SPORTS ~ If the Jaquars…

Afrispora™ on 01/14/2018 0 Comments

Even though my $$$ league squad, Afrispora Worldwide: Dojoaed Out Force, finished in 2nd Place at 10-3, yet due to a combination of my GM rror of being spooked and ‘conservative” seeing my large projected points margin of victory, which lead me to sub out the recently benched Tyrod Taylor against Miami tht just the week before had held QB Brady in check.  This was lso the  game in which Culter actually balled, SMH silly me.  Duh, that would be the only game pretty that Cutler got a good amount of fantasy football points….thus added an injury to two of my starters in WR Lee of the Jacksonville and LB Shavier of Pittsburgh (seendng positive vibes and well wishes to the badly injured Shazier).

.(Note: An old image, not from 2018)

.. despite such heart ache, if he Jaguars defeat the Patriots for me × loads of other NFL football fans, THEY WILL BECOME ONE OF MY FAVORITE TEAMS!

Not often are they worthy of a blog,  so I figured I had best get it in.

They looked good offensively against the Steelers who erroneously gave them “Bulletin Board Msterial” – never csme help in ports endeavors but can often contribute to a loss and it should then sting more

Note: Old Pre-2018 meme

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