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Editing my PowerPoint presentation for my African-American history course at Santa Monica for this week and started off looking into President McKinley since Booker T. Washington supported him and eventually made my way to this Informative yet the recent life occurrences of Dr. Bill Cosby is negatively ironic. Nonetheless, this program is very important! Dr. … Read More

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Cyberarchiving since 2005 via Afrispora

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Here is a TOO LONG A COMPILATION COMPILATION..of Inspirational stuff…Restaurant Chillouts, +park gatherings, bonfires, meetups at FREE musical events… Trying my best to have a calendar up by June, if possible sooner…in the meantime enjoy FIVE COMMON ARCHIVING MISTAKES

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SALUTE! ~ Black Panther’s director: ‘Brotha Kofi’ Ryan Coogler

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Kofi is Ryan Coogler’s Akan Day Name. Like mine is Kwame (Saturday born), Kofi indicates that he was born on a Friday in 1986 in his case. Each day carries a variety of attributable spiritual (thus behavioral) traits. He is symbolically my/our folks now, so he gets a nickname as a term of endearment. Asante … Read More

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LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ Breathe – Something/StellaR

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The dopeness I feel listening to this, I have to share…how do it hit you Makes me wanna Freestyle dance EVERY TIME … become “Funky Pretzel”, my dancer name I just made up, ha All the best, Dr. Clayborne