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Viva Dirk! (2019 Update) [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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Salute to you Dirk! 1 MORE YEAR, NICE. From Detlef to Dirk to Dennis to ? –> 2019 Update to Doncic to Porzingis to? READ: Loved Detlef unless he was playing the Lakers, of course Post-Tradeline Deadline + Pre-Allstar Update Doncic from the Euroleague to the Mavs is a ROY candidate …Porzingis liberated from … Read More

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Magerman on Mercer’s Support of Trump (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

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USEFUL READINGS blob: “The ultra-wealthy of today differ from the ultra-wealthy in past eras in that they have, a lot of them, no stake in the infrastructure of society,” Magerman said. He’s seen that their wealth does not depend on the health and stability of the country. In fact, they get rich on volatility … Read More

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Happy Birthday to Us!

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Since first learning of the birthday, I share with a key moment in the sparks that set in motion the French Revolution in my late elementary years I always took inspiration.   And as I gained more knowledge of what was being “revol[t]ution[ed]” (#Dr.ClayborneSayings) against by the French people as in autocratic, monarchical rule. SALON CULTURE … Read More

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So COMPLETE a work of Art as Informative JUST YESTERDAY I gave an 8 minute teaching demonstration that included my breakdown of the rise of Mass Culture as a key root of good and bad cultural developments in the 1920s Directly in reference to the inspiring lyrical content.  Bravo, more please! Got some diggin’ to … Read More