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Happy Birthday to Us!

Afrispora™ on 07/16/2018 0 Comments • Tags: #drclaybornesayings

Since first learning of the birthday, I share with a key moment in the sparks that set in motion the French Revolution in my late elementary years I always took inspiration.   And as I gained more knowledge of what was being “revol[t]ution[ed]” (#Dr.ClayborneSayings) against by the French people as in autocratic, monarchical rule.

SALON CULTURE WAS KEY IN CREATING ENVIRONS CONDUCIVE TO HIGH-LEVEL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENTS and I believe is present by intentional and happenstance today that can be linked to Better Inform each other.

I will reconnect the pieces of cyberspace I have collected and connected over the years for the benefit of our species on this planet within this multiverse.

All the best,

Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

You all know that the French Revolution was 1787-1799 and the Haitian Revolution was 1791-1804

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