Bahamadia (SALUTE!)

Once the dopest to do it! Just a clean rhyme flow…


Had to kee it Hip Hop when posting into my folk’s dope music-focused group, Heads Only

Whether you down with going to my blog on Bahamdia + much or not? I must repost her CLASSIC album to ‘Keep It Hip Hop … this album is LIKE THAT glad I clicked play again…had been on the videos but YO DIS SHIT HERE…
Tracks 2-3 + w/ Slum Village and so on “…give One to Grow On…” I feel that sis. Salute!
#DrDDClayborne #Afrispora
Time to grade on some history assignments on Canvas, listen to more good music and maybe get a Madden in…if you play link up. Good for my stroke-affected hand and vision —- then w/Dwele….and I forget about this one consciously but not SUBconsciously thankfully….WOW the “Beautiful Things” is one of the MOST ON POINT hip hop cuts in a BIG WAY! Song needs to BE REBORN in a real way.
a straight Gift to humanity…that a Drum and Bass classic Transcend…never not gonna play this joint. Pairs so well with to me the best ever in D & B/’Soulful’ Electronica, 4hero of course”
righteous vibrations

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