Jeremy Scahill (INFORMary)

INFORMary = Where from am I INFORMed?

Identified on this day, in order to better equip me by clearing Connecting key INFORMants that I STRONGly recommend to others to be used to aid others in achieving one or all of the “Three Es = Enlightenment, Empowerment & Enjoyment”

#DrClayborneSayings #AfrisporaMindstate

Jeremy Scahill from Democracy Now! days in the early to mid-2000s. This guy is On It from all I can tell for a LONG WHILE … way overdue blog mention. Looking to interweave Tha Realness at all times for the better of humankind via a more INFORMed and INFORMal(ity) operations among us and our folks (friends and folks) and socio-cultural groups.

May seem Deep and it is. Requires drawing from deep inside one’s self in various ways.


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