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No More Nepotism! [BLACK STAR SPORTS] #YeTumiAcademy

Afrispora™ on 01/08/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #nepotism #uclabasketball

As a proud UCLA alumnus, I favored the hiring of Steve Alford as head coach though I did think of other choices.

I wish we could have Coach Tarkanian’s style of hoops or SHAKE then up and bring in Norm Richardson. THE MAN CAN COACH! –>

– Basketball lineage YET as soon as he added his son to the basketball squad I instantly soured on Coach Alford.

#NOMORENEPOTISM! — I mean damn already. From Doc Rivers to POTUS to Alford … You must really be ‘Winning” … Never works out as best possible/to the optimum benefit due to real or misperceived favoritism to one’s offspring ESPECIALLY IF IT IS CLEAR THEY ARE NOT THE MOST ABLE/CAPABLE BUT THE MOST PRIVILEGED…those focused on Winning in all aspects of Life ~ Be it sports, politics, the military, education, janitorial services, grocery store checker…and countless other occupations. Within my be nation folks are so bullied about at various levels of Life they are OK with ‘lesser than’ approaches.

He’s the head coach, he chooses the team YET I am not sure but is it remnants of that infective period in the hoop program at UCLA? Or am I off base? Could be but NEPOTISM IS WACK! Has shown in human history to have been more harmful than helpful by and a HUGELY large margin.


Monarchical rule has largely failed in human history because “Nepotism = Not Most Able/Capable” – DrClayborneSayings

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