Dr. Sebi on The Rock Newman Show [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

Primary sources are ESSENTIAL in establishing the validity of that whivh follows.

I myself was enthused to find this video of the man speaking himself. I’ve to give right Newman props for having a consistently impressive guest list at my beloved how are University appropriately so.

Let me watch again now that little distance has been put between the tragic event that led to a deeper dive on Dr. Sebi by me.

I’ve long had knowledge of some of the health opinions of Dr sebi and have a number of friends for years have been singing the Praises of the life and dietary changes that were made and also speeding directly but to be honest never in detail about some of the major medical contributions made by dr. Sebi according to a number of people.

This video serves as the primary source for those that want to better comprehend the actual facts and opinions as opposed to the Hoople all that surrounds too many important get tragic with very much important events in a college pathway to knowledge or we can say approaches to living ~ ways of life…

The point of a primary sources for you to process the source of knowledge yourself without being prejudiced by someone else’s interpretation of something that you yourself have not been able to assess yourself.

I will share this and re-watch myself in order to better comprehend what Ben said and what is common sense as opposed to new knowledge.

Dr. Clayborne


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