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“Draymond on KD potentially leaving: I’m not concerned with it” ??? [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

Afrispora™ on 05/30/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #athletics #basketball #blackstarsports #draymondgreen #goldenstatewarriors #mighiganstatespartans #nba

#AfrisporaMindstate #BLACK STZR SPORTS

The, I will call it ‘Inflammatory’ media questioning these days “Gets to be insulting quite a bit and it irritating.

I mean he is on an NBA Finals prepping squad and he is being questioned about a teammate potentially leaving the team??? That is an AFTER the season matter….sooooo…not an important question at present in anyway conceivable in mt thinking.

Let’s leave this fact/view at a SMH at the questioner/question-maker. YIKES!

Respect to Mr. Green for DOing not just SAYing. Inspirational. I Appreciate humans like him based on what I can perceive via ‘the Boobtude’ + Youtube

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