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Meet Mr. Ian Lee = Toronto Raptors fan/ball boy to Hoop for Howard University Bison [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

Afrispora™ on 06/14/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #basketball #chinesecanadian #howarduniversity #ianlee #salonculture


WELL DONE, Howard University recruiters and coaches.

WE NEED BALLERS BAD AT H.U. -smh – The ineptitude over the years has just beedln sad, even more wack than pitiful 🙂 I just saying

Hope springs ….?

Yup NBA champion Jeremy Lin (who as a California state champion in high school basketball before attending Harvard, the other HU 🙂 just messin’ )

No but I was fortunate to see Lin lead Palo Alto high to the CIF championship. I was thinking, “Who is this Asian dude absolutely murdering his opponents…”. It was Jeremy Lin who resurfaced leading Harvard University to new basketball heights.

…Now let’s hope for heck A LOT of hoop residue has infected Lee as passed from just one of many mentors in Mr. Lin, who just contributed to winning an NBA Championship

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