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Afrispora™ on 07/04/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #bolbol #manutebol #oregonbasketball

He is about to be unleashed.

I LOVE SIMMING NBA 2K games going on over a decade now.

From NCAA to NBA to the FIBA squads created by folks in past PS4 version of NBA 2K basketball video games.

So currently simming 2K19 with created rookies since the draft + G-Leaguers on the Summer League squads.

Cats go hard as in are thorough in general. Some more than most in creating ‘close to’ accurate depictions of players.

Enough to trip off of announcers in the game promounce cats names MONTHS beforethe NBA season in late October-early November.

Blah blah…need to start doing videos to insert here.

Hmmm… Hmm so how was my 1st every Vlog 🙂 … Duh but to reference Kevin Hart.

I wasn’t ready. Well now I am.


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