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Back to Afrik/ca Today [EXPLORATION]

Afrispora™ on 07/05/2019 0 Comments

‘Back to Afrik/ca’ movements today. As I sit here outside on the side of my present THOUGH NOT permanent home in my native lands of South-Central Los Angeles, it just hit me a little past 4am that I want to repatriate back Home. Though I have only sent a decent amount of time for a foreigner yet A Lot for a guy from my native by my calculation prior to my 1st and mpst lengthy 3rd year of college at UC San Diego I stuied abroad at the University of Ghana, Legon.

Univ. of Ghana, Legon (1993-4) = 8 months


Doctoral field research [Preliminary] = 7 weeks


Doctoral field reserch [Interviews]: Trotro System = 5 weeks


12 months approximately, probably exactly or a little more.

In three visits I stayed in the UK the longest during my last traverse to Accra, Ghana in 2009. 🙁

Said thinking about it.

I had planned for 2015 pr 2016 before my Life changed drastically those fateful days the 19-22 of March 2014.

Give thanks to the Creator that I am still here.

Now the task is how to best coordinate a resettlement of my life to West Africa or East Africa?

Hmmm. Tanzania may be the Spot of multiple spots.



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