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Special music a lot of cultural capital earned in experiencing this sound art and in sharing intentionally.

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Whether I am ever a millionaire economically speaking I am to be a billionaire socially and culturally speaking, different forms of capital matter and just have more value than we sometimes calculate consciously. Nonetheless do two things such as what young people today called cloud from where are the used by some street cred in the past a lot of people actually calculate Lake likely close closer than they do economically they calculate the social and cultural capital of those in their lives in those things that they see if value.

The formula for comprehending the manifestation of various forms of capital has to do with at least it just stayed I believe adding all of the forms of capital together typically with the goal of a payee can ionic capital right so just imagine one can have the capital and use that to increase their social and cultural capital by attending certain events going to certain social cultural faces while so it’s social and cultural capital made by employing that capital in making political connections increasing their political capital while also top think maybe you can suck me like that humans cannot make a little trim Play Beautiful People to employ people to use their human capital in making products and selling them in order to further increase the cultural capital Social Capital buy distribution of their identity you’re with their indeed they are you looking at the value in the social and cultural capital Realm they to increase economic capital in that process.

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