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Map black spaces in LA: from Black American to African American to pan-african spaces in Los Angeles

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Map black spaces in LA: from Black American to African American to pan-african spaces in Los Angeles

Explain the title

Black Los Angeles is definitely something that needs to be better understood and as I will attempt in this effort here to be mapped for the sake of positive development resume economically socially and culturally for persons of African and African-American Heritage that reside in really Los Angeles.

It is essential in my view as someone born and raised in Los Angeles but also someone who has traveled Brawley to better understand how this city function especially for an African American perspective yet also from someone who has a Pan African approach to life and but you definitely influence my thought.

Los Angeles interesting lie enough was founded by a mixed group of indigenous Americans and African-Americans led by a Catholic priest in establishing Mission Los Angeles as it would become name if I have the three correct. Check check story history

To see Los Angeles today the one main that instantly think of a mixed group European indigenous and African descended persons would have found it this land this space this future Mission and now megalopolis.

Mike Davis has pointed text city of Courts and coming documentary well I should say thank you interview that utilizes the foundation laid by his text that document you being bastards of the party to a good job in spatializing Black space in Los Angeles unfortunately it’s related to the location of Los Angeles street gangs but none unless that’s a form of backspace in Los Angeles.

To be clear my interest is in mapping all black faces too Loosely used the phrase the term in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County I guess that will be in the greater South Los Angeles region in the end because it’s important to get into San Bernardino County as well as Ventura County because of the Apple evening out migration of African-Americans from embassy Los Angeles during most of the 1980s 90s and 2000 to present pet.

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