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“…Sowed the seeds for Trump…” Me: Exactly!” Watch “Chris Hedges – The American Empire Will Collapse Within a Decade, Two at Most (11-19-18)” on YouTube

Afrispora™ on 07/05/2019 0 Comments

I said Loudly in my mind in reply.

As a citizen of the Multiverse and resident-taxpayer in the nation-state known as The United States of America, I have long found it in my interest to BE ABOUT ‘Our Collective Interests’ as homosapiens sapiens.

I share LARGE BIT of Wisdom.

Please share this blog if no other to get folks Thinking period yet I must add Thinking Better is one of my aims.

WE ARE ALL ON THIS PLANET TOGETHER…WE MUST WORK ‘IT’ OUT FOR OURSELVES AND THOSE OUR COLLECTIVE SELF MUST BENEFIT not be harmed by Collective Actions that is not beneficial such as mass warfare and use of carbon-oriented fuel.

Dr. Clayborne

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