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Tracy Murray, my Bruin![BLACK STAR SPORTS]

Afrispora™ on 07/05/2019 0 Comments

I went to Chaffey High School in Ontario. We had some ballers like Reggie Cain, who was First Team All-State ahead of the state’s leading scorer in Tracy Murray

His Highest game was 69 I believe an d I want to say 49 against my high school.

Dude was an absolute Nightmare and made pretty much everything for him. So he would flow flow and get mismatches and didn’t shoot the score owith or without a mismatch he would score with ease. It was phenomenal to in person only once my sophomore ( which was my first year at that school). In 9th grade I had lost the fat gained being forced to live back in the then Hot hood of 54th and Central Wv3nue as my Mama fell into drug addiction. Yeah real happens. Well I moved with my father in Pomona and went to Ganesha High School where was the starting point guard with 2 out of the 4 head coaches we had in one season. Not sure what was going on I was just being a 9th grader. Focused on good grades, girls , sports and music.

I am LUCKY to have done well as in earned good grades + dated ‘fine’ girls and now women + followed great music + made and enjoyed various team sports. That all being said seeing basketball played at its highest level in high school was viable. I further confirmed to me that I was off High Ability since I played pickup hoops and could hang against dude that played against him and at times had bested him. Chaffey squads with Michael Anderson, Billy Garner, James Terry, Donn North were talented.

I feel that late 1980s-early 1990s put Inland Em]ire hoops on the national scene.

The old Baseline League had some players. The I.E. gave us Collison, The Balls, Van Horn…the Millers way back when


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