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STEADY LOUNGIN’ I + II + III = Superior Compilations by #DrDDClayborne of Afrispora [FOR HIRE]

STEADY LOUNGIN’ I ~ DJs Twin Tables = Jeanette + Tanya

STEADY LOUNGIN’ II ~ DJs Twin Tables = Tanya+ Jeanette

STEADY LOUNGIN III ~ Rebirth of Don Dada aka Kwame Tumi = Dr. Dontraneil D. Clayborne


DJs Twin Tables’ Google Podcast

Much love and respect to these cool sistahs who are dope DJs.  I appreciate you two! Thanks for living a life when you share glimpses of you all literally loungin in life as one should and doing it right and not contrived.  Authenticity is a ‘tester’ for much in this global society we are fortunate to reside in. Yup, enJOY it. As a stroke survivor, I can attest to the need to not be wholly wasteful with one’s life.  Work hard + Lounge Hard = Semblance/Approximation of ‘Balance.  Well I w ould be an honor if folks checked out the selections.  If necessary forget who compiled these sound gems until it is time to return.


Afrispora Radio = Globalspora @ Soundcloud


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