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“Ghettos of the Mind”[LIFE ANTHEMS]

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…teaching “History of the Americas” at L.A. Southwest College this Fall has t lead me to complete some critical thoughts…not limited to the limitations of my mind.   Genetic proof that folks from the Catalina Islands made their way by boat to inhabit Central America and South America. #DrDDClayborne

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Liverpool FC (= LeBron’s squad) players +++ react to FIFA rating [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

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= Heck! You are a good player(better than most) just to be in a game! [GAMER GURUS] + BLACK STAR SPORTS I enjoyed this. Appreciate the content, let me know via a comment. If you do not ask you are likely for various reasons not to receive what has been requested. #DrDDClayborne Reward below for … Read More