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Do My Thang + Let It Go [LIFE ANTHEMS]

Afrispora™ on 10/16/2019 0 Comments

Been a Funkmosphere fan/supporter for a long while now, since the early days at Carbon in Culver City on several Monday nights like a decade ago.

Just catching up on the musical flowage in my hometown.

Getting real sick kinda threw me off some months just short of 2 years.

Stay proud of Dam Funk for staying true to himself –> Being Authentic + ‘Keeping It Hip Hop’ + Appreciate Shoop for evolving as a person and thus ‘Keeping it Hip Hop’ and being his authentic to who he is = That Dopeness #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora


Naanaa likes Dam Funk, I have video of her enjoying some Dam Funk music at age 1 and a half.

Ha put the wrong one initially,  Good thing I believe in what /I put into the cybernetworks especially related to my fellow humans and even more especially my regional bredren.  Much respect to Professor Edward Soja of Spatial thinking innovation, rest in power, good sir and fellow Bruins!

#SpatialHipHop #WokeHop

Bonus sound art


A truly inspirational Spatial thinker and actor as I will loosely ‘define’ and associate some aspects of spatiality to the Arts and especially Hip Hop.  As a doctoral student in Urban Planning where I wrote a dope dissertation and as relevant to this blog…I had the privilege of taking a course with Professor Soja in the process of EARNING my letters, PhD.  Put simply, Professor Soja challenged me to ‘Spatialize Hip Hop’…Organizing my brand Afrispora (since 2005) … I had three dope artists showcases (2 of them before Professor Soja personally put a ‘spatial bug in my ear’.

I must be more productive as an academic and part of it is to use Afrispora as an intellectual ‘Bat signals’ in or initial aim of “CONNECTing Those That Need To Be CONNECTed!” ~ Put simply “CONNECTing Those…CONNECTed!


Is anyone interested in a reading and writing group? Trying to recruit a few people regionally and remotely who can link with those to get writing and publishing…I have accomplished most of my writing out amongst folks yet strangers, smh.


In order to get more productive, I am trying to change that aspect of my life and GET STUFF DONE yet not simply ‘out amongs’ yet laser-focused and largely in self-isolation in among folks at coffee shops and libraries.  A couple of times met with friends and had late-night study sessions at IHOP and even Denny’s and the 24-hour Starbuck’s that once existed in Torrance…Yeah I know a 24-Hour Starbuck’s is doing a lot though huh, ha.


So anyway, I was way more productive intellectually out in the world with the folks that are task-oriented and like me benefit from ‘socio-culturally beneficial energy’…

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