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“America’sGreat Indian Nations” (PBS) to Indian Removal to Cochise to…[ACADEMIC FREESTYLE]

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A. IROQUOIS (Start min, 

~Six Nations – Handsome Lake-Longhouse Religion – ‘Canada’ means community in the Iroquois language

B. SEMINOLES (Start min.  13:20)

~ 3 wars took half the U.S. army = Longest resistance + added Creek nation + African slaves led to the Seminole name – 1817 – General Andrew Jackson was sent to catch slaves, returned for The First Seminole War – Osceola (had been arrested, when freed he got revenge by killing Indian agent, Wiley Thompson working for the colonials)  led resistance during Second Seminole War in 1834. 500 Seminoles remained in Florida.

Billie Bowlegs resisted 3 years yet finally surrendered and were sent west.

Never formally surrendered! They Are a combination of African, indigenous Americans and others ~ The Only Unconquered Indian Nation in the U.S.

C. NAVAJO (22:30)


D. CHEYENNE (23:45)

~ “The Beautiful People”

~ “Dog Warriors”

~ Arapaho


E. LAKOTA (40:20)

~ Minnesota to Wyoming

~ Sitting Bull

~ June 25,1876  The Little Big Horn (Greasy Grass), General Custer


How the Brutal Trail of Tears Got Its Name


Cochise “(/koʊˈtʃiːs/; in Apache: Shi-ka-She or A-da-tli-chi – “having the quality or strength of …. In an interview, guitarist Tom Morello said that Cochise was “the last great American Indian chief to die free and absolutely unconquered. (Source = Wikipedia)

  • Chief Cochise was leader of the Chokonen band of the Chiricahua Apache, local to the Chiricahua Mountains, in the mid-1800s.” (Source = National Park Service)

A statue bust of a man wearing a headband over his long hair, and two necklaces.

Chocise College logo 2 Chocise College in Sierra Vista, AZ

Black and white photograph of a long-haired man wearing pale clothes, a dark vest, and leaning against a table covered in a striped blanket, with a rifle leaning against the blanket.

Chief Mangas Coloradas of the Mimbreno band of Chiricahua. (pictured, Chocise’s father in law)


AMERICAN POP CULTURE reference = ‘Cochise’ in the cult classic film, Warriors.

Chochise - Warriors character4

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