Using ConferNow (ConferZoom – Zoom) in Canvas LMS [YE TUMI ACADEMY]


Good to see that the video made by a colleague at L.A. Southwest College, Mrs. Drawbond’s (Who trained a lot of us there) came up first in my search.

YOU MUST SET UP AN ACCOUNT AT — Then watch the videos to get more of a clue and even clues on how to do this as best possible.

~ I am giving myself one week from today up to class next week to go live EFFECTIVELY…my aim is to sign up + study up + set up.


As one that has embraced the hybrid and online formats of academic instruction, I strongly believe there is space for being innovative some may even say experimental in course.  The main aim being knowledge/content ~ acquisition/accumulation ~ retention/storage and retrieval/recall


ConferZoom Conferencing & Appointments

Good videos





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