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Hip Hop Knowledge! = Hopsin + J. Cole [WOKE HOP]

Caught a bit of Hopsin’s live IG session then was inspired to dig!  Glad I did and knew I was a recent fan of sorts in my mind this thus the tune in on IG but the track above is dope and so familiar of how I process the matters he raps about so well…Much respect Hopsin…officially a fan as of this morning.  Stay Authentic! #DrClayborneSayings – I try my best to stay such high is how I floated back to IG Live while up prepping to teach Western Civilizations and African-American History via Zoom soon loon boon toon no coon! #AfrisporaMindstate


The song that came on next,  another favorite that is a bit foul-mother YET EQUALLY ON-POINT with its assessment of what “thinking” prevails in the “American African” community in general…”All I am left with is…she’swallow…she don’t wanna be saved.”

HATE AUTO-CORRECT 🙂 –> Caused me to have Hopson not Hopsin in  the article title, smh

Both brothas over up MANY A KNOWLEDGE NUGGET

“…the only real change come from inside…” = hook


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