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About to mention Denmark Vesey in HIST 16, then I thought to dig for a Denmark Vessey musicto share with my students would be dope…[FINDS WHILE DIGGIN]

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…just not this one, too explicit though extra fresh…

1739 – Stono (Hutchinson) Rebellion by enslaved Africans from the Kongo Kingdom https://player.pbs.org/b09e8861-7bff-4ff5-8b6f-1eca7dfd07de – The British banned drumming and literacy

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Denmark Vesey Slave Rebellion 1822

2.  1822

The African Church




OPTIONAL – TRHE LEGACY OF DENMARK VESEY IS STILL EXISTENT TODAY AND CAN BE SEEN IN THE ARTS, ACADEMICS AND ATHLETICS .  In support of this assertion I will share a recent observation, I saw an NFL player that went either to attended  Clemson University  or the University of South Carolina refer to Demark Vesey as a hero to him…me too!

“Denmark Martin Vessey is an American rapper and record producer from Detroit, Michigan. He is also a member of hip hop duo Crown Nation with Quelle Chris. He was named after Denmark Vesey, leader of a slave revolt planned in 1822 in Charleston, South Carolina; it was interrupted before any actions took place.Wikipedia



Denmark Vessey – SellOut (prod. Earl Sweatshirt / feat. DrxQuinnx & Vic Spencer) | Official Video

Denmark Vessey – Sun Go Nova (Full Album)

ART IS ART…We process it as we choose yet it does not change where the artist finds motivation, inspiration and articulates it.

3 takeaways from the exploits of Denmark VESEY ?

OPTIONAL) 3 takeaways from hearing Demark VESSEY’S music

Hope explicit lyrics is not too much anyone?  Cursing in music is the norm too often these days.

TITLE: ***Denmark Vesey Slave Rebellion (1822) +++ – Related to CH 7 “

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