The Moors (Los Moros) ~ HIST 16 + HIST 41 + HIST 33 [AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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Who were the Moors? (National Geography) Who Are Rise of the Moors? Moorish American Group Involved JULY 3, 2021 RECENT CRIMINALIZATION OF MOORS IN MASSACUSETTS MORE EYE-OPENING ATTENTION = Police Make Arrests After Armed Standoff With ‘Rise Of The Moors’ Group Near Boston, Forbes https://www.forbes.com/sites/joewalsh/2021/07/03/police-in-armed-standoff-with-rise-of-the-moors-group-near-boston/?sh=58acf57f7093

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What is Zap Mama doing in 2020? [SALUTE]

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What is this ‘Bestowment’ for? What aim/purpose do I should I claim and pursue? FINDS WHILE DIGGIN