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Towards a better understanding of the origins of indigenous peopling of the Americas.[AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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Towards a better understanding of the origins of indigenous peopling of the Americas. Ancient DNA reveals complex migrations of the first Americans (National Geographic) by Michael Greshko Fate would have it that I am due to unforeseen circumstances teaching “History of the Americas” at L.A. Southwest College.  Fate since as a History professor of many subjects: … Read More


So I am teaching a college course (thus crafting a syllabus) for high school students…format? content? A well-timed guest?Any suggesions on books, videos? [AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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Found trove of knowledge in “Race and Racism in America: A Reading List” PICTURED = “Great Ancestor’s Wall in New Ningo/Pram Pram, Accra, Ghana in West Africa Compiled by Selina Lai Henderson, Denise Simpson, and Jesse Olsavsky The current protests against police violence in the US have brought to the forefront questions about the history … Read More

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Exactly! …Good riddens #45, Hope justice is carried out where needed…[Griot-Jester Lounge]

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…sensible commentary. I lean progressive pan-Human as my update to pan-Afrik/can Life Perspective. Agreed! Been blogging about the evolution of the important societal role of educators, ofcomedians and other artists in the production of sound art, acting and filming as in ancient times minus the technology. a picture is shown of 2-3 deep rows of … Read More