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Towards a better understanding of the origins of indigenous peopling of the Americas.[AFRISPORA ACADEMY]

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Towards a better understanding of the origins of indigenous peopling of the Americas.

Ancient DNA reveals complex migrations of the first Americans (National Geographic) by Michael Greshko

Fate would have it that I am due to unforeseen circumstances teaching “History of the Americas” at L.A. Southwest College.  Fate since as a History professor of many subjects: World history, African history, African-American history, American history I have been forced to add Pre-Columbian and Post-Columbian History of the Americas to my intellectual and professional (academic-entrepreneurial) quiver (thinking/way of thought).


“…in conducting research concurrently with teaching a course at times that has been much of the challenge this semester with the audiovisual equipment challenges.


There is some excellent video that quickly makes clear important NEWER knowledge effectively by illustrating the points in ancient times.


Well, I have been researching and found more clarity on why in my mind so much has long been in flux regarding the origins/peopling of the Americas because there have been SIGNIFICANT recent well-supported scientific assertions that have put A LOT in the hiSTORY of the Americas in flux.


I will disclose no more and just leave this announcement at I look forward to reading this article and other articles in class on Tuesday.  Further confirms why WE MUST HAVE AN AUDIOVISUAL set up that works.


BEYOND FRUSTRATED…we will get our campus tech person to come again Tues smh – Must work this week


Kinda want to give away the finds ahead of class YET you have A LOT of great already in the info. about the indigenous peoples that settled along the west coast of California…all connects back to assertions you will be able to better understand since you all have watched The Real Eve.” ~ Message vias Canvas to students enrolled in HIST 5 – History of the Americas @ L.A. Southwest College, Fall 2019



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