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ACADEMIC FREESTYLE (Presentation and Discussion) w/ Dr. D.D. Clayborne ~ A Re-Examination of Televised 1971 + 1973 discourse on ‘Race’ and ‘Racism’ presented from a Pan-Africanized Viewpoint + “Great Ancestors Wall” presentation by Jerry Johnson, “…a functional Garveyite [TO BE EDITED FURTHER…!!!!]

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“Racism is real , the existence of ‘races’ among how is not real.”

GREAT ANCESTORS WALL by Jerry Johnson ~ New Ningo, Ghana (Just outside of Accra)

Read ~ George Lipsitz

The Enduring Solidarity of Whiteness

“Black poverty is fundamentally distinct from white poverty—and so cannot be addressed without grappling with racism.By Ta-Nehisi Coates” – I tend to agree with my fellow Bison of Howard University…

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