I started giving these out as gifts.

Best less than $15 you can spend!


SALUTE! ~ Question & Freddie Joachim

This dual set is”special”! That a A Tribe Called Quest early on hooked me in. (

Now the ATCQ remix in the38th minute IS RIGHTEOUS!!!

Salute fellas, y’all “Hear well”, I appreciate that and you all.

Much respect,

Dr. Clayborne aka Don Dada

Wait , wait now Jurassic 5 around the 36th minute

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FWD ~ The Foreign Exchange – Asking For A Friend (Official Video)

Finds While Diggin’ (FWD)

Nine, my man Phonte is boogeyin’ in this and videos from this album I see.

So smooth, I since during my post-Stroke rehab period (late March 2014-late 2015 (really up to present) Foreign Exchange amongst folks released some GREAT music@
Happy to be here to catch up a bit, IJS

Let’s go!

“Give compliments, expect none yet EARN some and stay humble when folks reciprocate.” – #DrClayborneSayings

SALUTE! ~ Peven Everett

How ESPN just made my music life DOPER, FRESHER, JUST BETTER.

I believe his named id Dan Everett and ESPN broadcaster THANKFULLY SAID “There goes that Peven Everett…again” and something humorous like they are cousins. Ha, twas funny.  My point is that his ‘Mind’s Ears’ know dynaamic music when it hears it.  However he learned of the great Peven Everett, I am glad he did.  

I mean he just eminded me and alerted those soon in the know to look up Peven Everett, HELL YEAH I WILL DO THAT! Wow, I need this dude who I was able to see LIVE in Hollywood at a dope House Music Night, I believe I also saw Osunlade there as well, I my recollections are correct.

So yeah, happy, enthused and Overjoyed that athletics has brought me back to A TRUE pre-stroke in the rotating at a Leimert Park Art Walk circa 2012? 

Good times, brought back, now Forward-》

Enjoy this musical ‘rabbithole’.
All the best,

Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

Afrispora Worldwide on Youtube
Afrispora Worldwide on Bandcamp

Okay Africa

TO BE EDITED!!! Let’s see if I come back to do this ha :-/


As “Naanaa” says “Yay, I did it!…”

No but all cyber-joshin’ aside, just two tracks in I am geeked up in the wee hours of the morning and I am not even caffienated.  I LOVE HIS MUSIC! I must I mean Involuntary Music-induced Movements (IMM) #DrClayborneSayings #Afrispora #BrilliantBrothas


SALUTE! ~ Get No Better by Clear Soul Forces

Wow now this is why I do this!

This a memorable ‘stumble upon’ that I forgot about 🙂 , since my stroke in 2014.

Nutty, to be more reserved but still movedmusically by this track.  I forgot until this video brought back that I instantly thought that I would here more from them but it was not the case, EVER?  Well,happily this joint came up again that is for sure.


Anyone got any background knowledge?

WELP! ~ Why you must learn for YOURself? (Salute! Mr. Maher)

WELP! ~ Why you must learn for YOURself? (Salute! Mr. Maher)



Dr. Clayborne


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