Main Curator – Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne ~ UCLA (PhD, 2012) Urban Planning: Regional and International Development

Download my Doctoral dissertation entitled “Owner-Drivers in the Tro-tro Industry: A Look At Jitney Service Provision in Accra, Ghana”

Put simply, what Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne calls –
“The THREE Es: Enlightenment, Empowerment and Enjoyment!” collectively compose the leading instructive approach of Afrispora Worldwide (

HIST 38 & 39: MAIN TEXT ~ HISTORY OF AFRICA, 3rd Edition by Kevin Shillington


I offer the Three Es to oppose the European colonial thetoric of the 19th century, The Three Cs: Christianity, Commerce and Civilization

Past Conferences and Presentations:

African Studies Association conference (2013) in Baltimore, MD

African Transportation


1619″ Conference (2014) at Virginia Weslyan University


Presentation title: “Entangled Identity: Blues, Jazz and Hip Hop” as part as of the “Black Music and the Construction of American Identity: Blues, Jazz, and Hip-Hop” section, October 12, 2014

Key Introductory Knowledge!

WATCH “A Century of Self”


IN TRIBUTE ~ Dr. Mark Sawyer (so long my friend!)