Dang, bruh! RIP Mac Miller [SALUTE!]

Upset about needing to show proper respects in Reblogging for the wrong reason.

Props since you popped on the tellie with my folks, Anderson .Paak…But when I heard/saw him flowing the “Hip 2 Da Game” track by Lord Finesse, I knew he was official hip hop with it.

“…original Black man…” …

when I was in the DMV for graduate school at Howard University (M.A. in History, Africa focus) I felt fresher than most bumpin’ OC, Lord Finesse + De La Soul + Omar Lye Fook (my favorite singer after Stevie Wonder of all-time — and they have performed to gether so check him out)

I knew he was dope on the mic even more so when I heard him with Kendrick Lamar bringing the lyrical goods

– way to leave so thoughtful word play—

“…in an instant I’ll be gone…”


Yup smh with respect.

Man this sucks I dug Mac Miller and was proud of him as an artist. He had dexterity in his flows. Got me flashing back after that Lord Finesse beat having track came on. I had forgotten I had even heard that a longer time which further confirmed his dopeness to me. I am a Lord Finesse since like 1994-5 and worn out his album as a newbie to the Eastern seaboard.
“I’m white boy awesome.”
Listen to Knock Knock – Mac Miller by aykon97 #np on #SoundCloud
https://soundcloud.com/aykon97/knock-knock-mac-millerhen I heard of his death earlier and I sensed there was a strong Vibe I felt this musical artist.

Listen to FACES by Mac Miller #np on #SoundCloud

Yup as my good friend, Oxygen Eternal (Django, co-host of All of the Above Radio) says and applies here.

“Mac Miller was a keeper of ‘The Styles’…” #DrClayborneSayings


Damn bruh… 😦

Dr. DD Clayborne


Naomi Osaka – Updated! U.S. Open tennis Champ (BLACK STAR SPORTS)

Nice seeing a new brown face in tennis. As a 3 year lettermen in boy’s tennis in high school at Chaffey High School in Ontario, CA

Yup a fan of the Williams sister since young surely.

WOW, CONGRATS ON THE U.S. OPEN WIN!!! (despite the controversy and all)

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE – OCTOBER 25 : Naomi Osaka in action at the WTA Rising Stars Invitational at the 2015 WTA Finals

Well done sis!

Meet Haitian-Japanese Rising Tennis Star Naomi Osaka

#BlackStarSports #Afrispora
UPDATED: Osaka wins trhe title, HUGE…Well done!
d20cfec1a165103038c8a90b064ae105serena-williams-naomi-osaka-090818-getty-ftr_15lzc5dp7xfzi13fm4tpfss399Naomi OSAKA-Interview

‘Why I’ll never stand again for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ (SALUTE!)

– Thom Hartmann’s valuable comments start at the 7:10 mark.

KING: Why I’ll never stand again for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner by Sean King

Thank you Thom Hartmann for being so EXPLICITLY CLEAR as is routine in your handling of knowledge.

So Colin Kaepenick KNOWS ‘THAT OF WHICH HE TALKS’ AND WILL NOT  STAND FOR  and instead chose to kneel about honorably!

Francis Scott Key was WACK (a mild understatement)!

#DrDDClayborne #DrClayborneSayings #AfrisporaMindstate #BlackStarSports #Kaepernick #KaeperkickBacker

D’Evils (Stumbled Upons)

New favorite located of listening to dope Kiefer. Check for “Aaaa”

Feeling the vibe. Just let it flow when as we say in academia’ when Well-Informed’

This track followed by my folks’ Hotness. I absolutely love NxWorries

Life happens fasho as mine threw me a curve.

Hate I missed the birth of NxWorries. Viva you bruhs, much love sincerely.


Wole Soyinke (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

Salute, I must read more again listen. Trying to get into read as a supplement for visual reading a tidbit. But heck I ain’t what I used to be ha.

Thanks for looking i, leave a comment. I know I need to Finish a lot of blogs but until getting $$$$ to hired editors. I can what I can.

All rhe best good folks,

Dr. Clayborne

Bahamadia (SALUTE!)

Once the dopest to do it! Just a clean rhyme flow…


Had to kee it Hip Hop when posting into my folk’s dope music-focused group, Heads Only

Whether you down with going to my blog on Bahamdia + much or not? I must repost her CLASSIC album to ‘Keep It Hip Hop … this album is LIKE THAT glad I clicked play again…had been on the videos but YO DIS SHIT HERE…
Tracks 2-3 + w/ Slum Village and so on “…give One to Grow On…” I feel that sis. Salute!
#DrDDClayborne #Afrispora
Time to grade on some history assignments on Canvas, listen to more good music and maybe get a Madden in…if you play link up. Good for my stroke-affected hand and vision —- then w/Dwele….and I forget about this one consciously but not SUBconsciously thankfully….WOW the “Beautiful Things” is one of the MOST ON POINT hip hop cuts in a BIG WAY! Song needs to BE REBORN in a real way.
a straight Gift to humanity…that a Drum and Bass classic Transcend…never not gonna play this joint. Pairs so well with to me the best ever in D & B/’Soulful’ Electronica, 4hero of course”
righteous vibrations