Kumasi Washington (SALUTE!)


About to Finally get my Dig On this week on this virtuoso of an artist…remember I was in Stroke Rehab Mode from March 22, 2014-now really so I am just getting back into my 2005-13 #AfrisporaMindstate

appreciate you all for Staying Connected!

Dr. Clayborne #DrClayborneSayings


Magerman on Mercer’s Support of Trump (YE TUMI ACADEMY)




“The ultra-wealthy of today differ from the ultra-wealthy in past eras in that they have, a lot of them, no stake in the infrastructure of society,” Magerman said. He’s seen that their wealth does not depend on the health and stability of the country. In fact, they get rich on volatility and instability.”


Pictured “Fasces” (https://www.britannica.com/topic/fasces)




Happy Birthday to Us!

Since first learning of the birthday, I share with a key moment in the sparks that set in motion the French Revolution in my late elementary years I always took inspiration.   And as I gained more knowledge of what was being “revol[t]ution[ed]” (#Dr.ClayborneSayings) against by the French people as in autocratic, monarchical rule.


SALON CULTURE WAS KEY IN CREATING ENVIRONS CONDUCIVE TO HIGH-LEVEL CULTURAL DEVELOPMENTS and I believe is present by intentional and happenstance today that can be linked to Better Inform each other.


I will reconnect the pieces of cyberspace I have collected and connected over the years for the benefit of our species on this planet within this multiverse.


All the best,

Dr. Dontraneil Clayborne

Anti-Fealty: Best Be Paying Attention (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

“… it’s not just me…that is who we are…the FBI…” – Mr. Strzok

The title says it straight out.  Link Up with good folks


On a constructive note:

…I see entrepreneurialism as Key (open doors/gives access to) from the micro level (micro-finance to susu, small ventures) to the macro level (collective property ownership, franchising internationally to get us to Live Global #DrClayborneSayings) — What days off the week would folks be open to a conference call talk just to ‘Put some Flesh on the Bone’ anticipating getting some Youtube /Vimeo content




So COMPLETE a work of Art as Informative


JUST YESTERDAY I gave an 8 minute teaching demonstration that included my breakdown of the rise of Mass Culture as a key root of good and bad cultural developments in the 1920s

Directly in reference to the inspiring lyrical content.  Bravo, more please!


Dr. Clayborne


Camus’ ‘The Stranger’ (YE TUMI ACADEMY)

ONE OF THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BOOK I READ IN HIGH SCHOOL…so much so that I LONG considered ‘Mersault’ as a middle name for my son, if I ever had one…yeah that ‘Deep’
…you all are lucky to have it read to you yet I suggest that you read it yourselves…Enjoy however you choose to experience this great work.

This video presentation explains why I was so impacted by The Outsider (Stranger) when I read it in high school. As an inner-city born, agnostic-minded youth that excelled at sports.

At near age 45 it all makes since in my personal development and aspects of that which I want to share with others for their possible personal development.



LINK UP (= Connect then Develop Ties in ‘Informal and Formal ways’) my folks

After you get past what I think of but have never uttered “Assholisms” (which typically = over the top male bravado…I hope folks do not miss that this is a ‘Song of Resistance’ in way too many ways’ to the dominant socio-cultural and political-economic ‘norms’ in way too many spaces and places of Life.

Let’s Link Up folks.

Meetup mode!

Towards ‘Tyrannical-totalitarianism’

Combining terms… to help pinpoint a description (which is fitting in this current domestic socio-political era)


“The fasces was carried by the lictors, or attendants, and was characterized by an ax head projecting from a bundle of elm or birch rods about 5 feet (1.5 metres) long and tied together with a red strap; it symbolized penal power. When carried inside Rome, the ax was removed (unless the magistrate was a dictator or general celebrating a triumph) as recognition of the right of a Roman citizen to appeal a magistrate’s ruling. The discovery of a miniature iron set of fasces in a 7th-century-BCE Etruscan tomb at Vetulonia confirms the traditional view that Rome derived the fasces from the Etruscans. The Roman emperors, beginning with Augustus in 19 BCE, had 12 fasces, but, after Domitian(reigned 81–96 CE), they had 24; dictators, 24; consuls, 12; praetors, 6; legates, 5; priests, 1. Lowering of the fasces was a form of salute to a higher official.

Benito Mussolini’s Fascist Party of Italy was named for the fasces, which the members adopted in 1919 as their emblem. The Winged Liberty dime, minted in the United States from 1916 to 1945, depicts the fasces on its reverse side.” Source: https://www.britannica.com/topic/fasces


YE TUMI Academy ~ The Deal Breaker

The Paris Accord + Iran Nuclear + Travel Ban …

Deal-breaking with Global ramifications, not just Atlantic City. WAY MORE good diplomacy is needed but this is the modus operandi in use by the executive branch of our federal government.

Tyrannical Totalitarism

As Americans for our collective wellbeing have be nationality been pulled into all this.

I am sure the process of travel abroad and I can imagine hospitality must be affected to varying degrees based on where one travels.


YE TUMI ACADEMY ~ Establishing a ‘Tyrrannical Totalitarianism’ regime #DrClayborneSayings

That is establishing an ‘Tyrannical Totalitarian’ type of rule in our fair land. Not gonna be ‘Bullied’/browbeat/Act Like What Is Up Is Not Obviously Up (ALWIUINOU, ha 🙂 ), basically play dumb, CAN’T DO IT!


Yikes, hear It yourselves…

AN ATTEMPT: Establishing a ‘Tyrrannical Totalitarianism’ regime #DrClayborneSayings
…too important not to be informed and aware.

LIFE ANTHEMS! ~ Games Begin

I love my friends!

One of my MOSST MEANINGFUL favorite Life Anthems.

Since, BUT Only for, this Post-Stroke Rehab period, AFRISPORA has turned into only a blog/vlog.

Appreciate my real world and online folks that have ‘Held Me Down’ as I probably me first heard Q-Tip say in a verse. It radiated a MEANING then almost 30 years ago.

It is easy yet hard to explain but should one have to…? As Jalen Rose puts it, “It’s ‘Cultural!’ Yup, I agree bruh.

BJHH ~ Balance

BJHH = “Blues, Jazz & Hip Hop”, the 1st continuation of ENTANGLED IDENTITY: BLUES, JAZZ & HIP HOP

Earl Sweatshirt – Balance (f. Knxwledge