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Do My Thang + Let It Go [LIFE ANTHEMS]

Afrispora™ on 10/16/2019 0 Comments

Been a Funkmosphere fan/supporter for a long while now, since the early days at Carbon in Culver City on several Monday nights like a decade ago. Just catching up on the musical flowage in my hometown. Getting real sick kinda threw me off some months just short of 2 years. Stay proud of Dam Funk … Read More

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“Ghettos of the Mind”[LIFE ANTHEMS]

Afrispora™ on 09/29/2019 0 Comments

…teaching “History of the Americas” at L.A. Southwest College this Fall has t lead me to complete some critical thoughts…not limited to the limitations of my mind.   Genetic proof that folks from the Catalina Islands made their way by boat to inhabit Central America and South America. #DrDDClayborne

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Liverpool FC (= LeBron’s squad) players +++ react to FIFA rating [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

Afrispora™ on 09/29/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #africa #blackstarsports #drclaybornesayings #fifa20 #salonculture

= Heck! You are a good player(better than most) just to be in a game! [GAMER GURUS] + BLACK STAR SPORTS I enjoyed this. Appreciate the content, let me know via a comment. If you do not ask you are likely for various reasons not to receive what has been requested. #DrDDClayborne Reward below for … Read More

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STEADY LOUNGIN’ I + II + III = Superior Compilations by #DrDDClayborne of Afrispora [FOR HIRE]

Afrispora™ on 09/07/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #akobennetwork #djstwintables #drclaybornesayings #juju #music #repostables #soundproviders

STEADY LOUNGIN’ I ~ DJs Twin Tables = Jeanette + Tanya STEADY LOUNGIN’ II ~ DJs Twin Tables = Tanya+ Jeanette STEADY LOUNGIN III ~ Rebirth of Don Dada aka Kwame Tumi = Dr. Dontraneil D. Clayborne + DJs Twin Tables’ Google Podcast Much love and respect to these cool sistahs who are dope DJs.  … Read More

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Bob McAdoo = Lesser Known Beast! [BLACK STAR SPORTS]

Afrispora™ on 08/13/2019 1 Comment • Tags: #basketball #blackstarsports #bobmcadoo #buffalobraves #drclaybornesayings #nba

As often put in a Facebook-based NBA-focused basketball group, “How good was he?” (Note: A lowlight was the posting of Kirk Hinrich in this as the subject/focus for this. Not that I do respect his game and any NBA-level player, yet folks called out the ‘huhness’ of the post. I think I offered a thoughtful … Read More

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2000Black = Most Me riddim I have ever heard + ~ + ~ + ~ [WOW!]

Afrispora™ on 07/25/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #drclaybornesayings #music #radio #salonculture

WOW! = I love life! Never heard this until this moment and I AM SO… = No words, just listen and Feel It, the warmth of that organ, slick snares and vibey drum bottom + the ‘key’s of life’! Life Vibe / Life Anthem – I MUST PLAY THIS FOR THE PEOPLE A DANCE IS … Read More

Dr. Clayborne Sayings


Afrispora™ on 07/16/2019 0 Comments

I have always FELT the Blues in this musical artistry from my bruhs from the South. Today I FEEL this in my spirit more than every and send it too like 42 folks I have lost connection with…Let’s4ok q 0P change that good folk. Text or email me at Afrispora@gmail.com if you do not have … Read More

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inFORMal suppleMENTAL PROmo = allamaforacause.com [YE TUMI ACADEMY]

Afrispora™ on 07/05/2019 0 Comments • Tags: #allamaforacause

All Amma For A Cause http://www.allamaforacause.com/ “Allama For A Cause is an Entrepreneurial Program designed to educate and empower youth interested in exploring the fashion industry. Young men and women are provided with a hands on experience into the fashion business within a boutique setting. This innovative program offers various services which include job training, … Read More

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flip session vol.3 [88] [SALUTE!]

Afrispora™ on 07/05/2019 0 Comments

Love The Mofo intro…so conSISTent like a Pele shoot on goal =typically On target and a high rate of scores and almost all shots are goodshots, not a lot of Neymar in your music production game my firiend, DiabolicalBeats ~> ~> Dibiase ~>Mr. Dibiase~